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6 signs it's time to press pause

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We're so caught up in our day to day that we fail to see the signs that something needs addressing in our lives. I know all of these pretty intimately, experiencing them myself at one point or another...and if something really needs looking at in my life, all at once! I also see these regularly in the people I work with and speak to every day. Here's when I know it's time to press the pause button...

1. Something feels stuck.

You feel bored, unenthusiastic or unfulfilled with some aspects of your life. Be it your work, relationships or there's just an underlying sense of something feeling stuck. But you're unsure of how to get out of the rut.

2. You have a difficult time concentrating or

getting things done.

Usually when we desire change, our physical energy is used up thinking about it. You may not always be conscious of it but your body senses something bigger is happening. You’re restless and looking for perspective.

3. You're having difficultly sleeping lately.

Difficulty drifting off or staying asleep can also be a sign of inner restlessness, or it can be sheer exhaustion. When you're stressed, exhausted or on the edge of burn-out, you feel t'wired - tired but wired. You’re physically exhausted but you’re running on your adrenals, your mind continues to race but your body wants to rest, sleep becomes a small battle and not the daily nourishing, replenish and recovery activity it is supposed to be.

4. You're getting emotional a lot and not sure why.

You’ve found yourself having a short fuse at work or with those close to you. You’re getting angry or worked up easily. You find yourself having more episodes of conflict or you're even crying more than usual. It’s hard to contain the emotion that you’re feeling and you try and bottle it up but it wants to come out anyway!

5. You keep getting sick.

Recently you keep getting colds, the flu, recurring tonsillitis, digestive issues or your skin is flaring up. This can be down to diet (which, if it’s bad, can also be linked to stress, feelings of discontent or overwhelm), or a recurring health issue, but our bodies are pretty wise in knowing something’s up. Getting sick can be your body’s way of telling you to slow down, that something needs attention in your life or that you’re holding onto unresolved emotion that’s built up over time and is manifesting itself in a physical way (and is demanding your attention).

6. There's a recurring inner voice telling you to follow something different.

It’s an idea, a desire or a need that’s been bubbling away for a while but you’ve been ignoring it. You've brushed it away as a pipe dream, unrealistic, too risky or scary. Lately that inner voice has got louder and louder and it’s becoming too difficult to ignore anymore.

If any of these sound familiar, it could be time to press pause. Taking some time to step out of your regular day-to-day routine and responsibilities so you can ask yourself the questions that really matter and get a fresh perspective. The Instant Pause is one day that allows you to do that. If you’re ready, join me for the next Instant Pause in Hong Kong on Saturday May 20.

You can email me directly to book your place and I'd love to hear if any of these resonate with you.

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