Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable

Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable


We're hard-wired to avoid anything that make's us feel physically (and emotionally) unpleasant or uncomfortable.

It's survival instinct.

Pain/discomfort = bad/danger/death.

That has served us well to, well, stay alive, but as life in the modern world has got more complex, especially in business, it's a survival instinct that also creates a whole lot of emotional and mental stress for us.

My top seven of things that won't kill us but certainly make us feel uncomfortable:

  1. Silence

  2. Doing something we haven't done before / being a beginner again

  3. Giving feedback

  4. Speaking our truth / Speaking truth to power

  5. Stillness

  6. Saying no

  7. Making a mistake

Not an exhaustive list, but they're up there in the top ten I'd say.

Doing anything to avoid feeling physically and emotionally uncomfortable causes all sorts of increased complexity in our lives - resentment, burn-out, lost opportunities, stagnated or difficult relationships, lack of confidence, lack of growth (for us and those we lead/work and live with)...

Notice next time you feel uncomfortable with any of the above, experiment with curiosity instead of avoidance.

Notice how it feels physically in your body, notice what your internal self-talk says.

What can your uncomfortable feeling teach you about the moment, the other person, yourself?

Sit with it and see where it leads you.

It may not get any less uncomfortable but you can practice getting comfortable with the uncomfortable.

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