Holding Paradox

Holding Paradox


Regional vs Global

Innovation vs Zero errors 

Career ambition vs Parenting

Profit vs Social conscience

Risk taking vs Safety

Compassion vs Critical feedback

Busy vs Calm

Structure vs Flow

Excitement vs Routine 

Solitude vs Connection

(We could go on…)

Most of these are not either/or.

They're seemingly opposites that can exist at the same time.


To lead a business and to thrive in life, we have to build the capacity to hold both.

Knowing that when your life or your business pushes up too much against one, the other surfaces for attention.

Like a pendulum that never fully stops in the middle, always swaying from one side to the other.

Holding paradox means knowing the pendulum is always going to sway, and having the curiosity, peace in mind and agility to ebb and flow with it. 

How do you create rhythms, practices and conversations in your life, work and business that allow you to hold the paradoxes?

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