With corporate roots and continual practice, I work with leaders to align to their deeper purpose, unblocking unconscious patterns and creating space for long term sustainable growth, well-being and success. Unconventional and never by the book, I approach each client independently and with unique coaching, insight and support.


Work with me

Soulful, systemic, heart-centered coaching for leaders, teams and business owners.

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The Journey

One-to-one coaching, guidance and supportive transformational journey sessions.

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Thoughts, tools & resources on matters of the mind, soul & work, for my expansion and yours.

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‘Natalie’s coaching and partnership is one based on knowledge, honesty and compassion, I appreciate her intuition and ability to see the individual and whole group.’

— Kevin, Managing Director, Investment Management

‘I worked with Natalie for a number of months and she literally changed the course of my life. I found my voice again and began a couple of huge creative pursuits that I would never have had the courage to embark on without Natalie’s guidance, encouragement and wisdom.’

— Jules, Author, Educator and Podcast host

‘Natalie is one of the few coaches who looks at things unconventionally and supports holistically. She helped me figure out what makes sense for my future and fulfilling my vision in contributing to society.’

— Max, CEO and Founder


Driven to succeed and guided by purpose

An ambitious business builder and care deeply about people

Successful at work and balanced in life


I believe that the future of work calls for a different way of being in business. One that focuses on meaning and purpose as well as profit. One that cares for all stakeholders; from employees to clients, investors, suppliers and communities. One that brings the best out of people and focuses on the ‘we’, rather than the ‘me’. One that creates healthy, sustainable work cultures based on embodied values, principles and practices that inspire, serve and connect.

More human, more heart, more health


This requires leadership that is ambitious and unconventional. Leaders who know that going on a journey of personal mastery is not only key to their own performance, well-being and fulfilment but in driving change and transformation in business too.