One of the reasons that led me to leave the corporate life to start my own coaching business, was so that I could step out and support the people I care about in a much deeper and holistic way than I ever could from the ‘inside’.

I believe that there’s a lack of the right support for people working hard to get ahead in high performing, high stress industries.

In my 11 years developing leaders at one of the world’s largest financial institutions, rarely did ambitious, new, high performing leaders get in-depth coaching support. Especially support that tends to all areas of life and work and a deeper sense of who they are. I believe this journey of self-discovery supports more authentic, purpose-driven, values-led leadership and longer term, more sustainable growth and success.

It’s something I wish I had had access to when I was caught up in the speed of work, feeling the weight of expectations from all angles and the overwhelm of objectives and conflicting priorities. I never had enough time, felt anxious often and spent a lot of energy trying to figure out what was needed of me to get to that ‘next level’. 

I now work with you to give you the kind of support that I needed then.


‘Not only does Natalie take a truly well-rounded holistic approach, she embodies and role models it. Natalie coaches from a place of love, calmness and wisdom.’

— Loubna, Talent Manager, Financial Services


I’ve been on my own soul journey of self-discovery and along with my lived experiences, continual practices, supervision and on-going development, I bring 17 years of developing high-achievers in the corporate world.

Some of my practices include:

- Systemic Leadership
- Team and Organisational Development
- Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation
- Embodiment
- Cha Dao (way of tea)
- Self-Mastery

Combining my knowledge to work with you in a highly confidential, expansive space so you can become more of who you are and succeed in what’s important to you while avoiding burning out.