The Journey sessions are an exploration into a deeper, purpose and values led sense of who you are, how you lead and what gets in your way.

What if you can feel more balance and clarity of mind by tending to the bigger story of your life?

In the Journey sessions we’ll look at your everyday leadership challenges, talk tools and practices, and, we’ll get to the core of who you are and what you stand for.

What if being more of who you are brings you the success you’re striving for?

We’ll delve into your life and work as a whole, what’s brought you to this point, what feels good, what doesn’t. What keeps you over-worked and over-whelmed, and, how you can bring more energy and authority to how you show up and achieve what’s important to you.

What if authentic leadership and success in business comes from being in service to something greater than yourself?

We’ll look to surface what you believe in, what drives you and what you’re ambitious about, and, we’ll look at the systems you’re a part of (and need to navigate) in order to lead your life and work in alignment with your values and purpose.

The Journey sessions create a space for you to gently unfold into being more of who you are. To feel comfortably confident with the complexity and the responsibility you hold. To live and lead with less underlying fear and stress, more feeling, focus and fully in your power.



There are three options in which you can begin working with me. Please contact me for pricing details and availability.

Option 1 - Impact - 4 x 90 minute sessions

Option 2 - Deeper - 6 x 90 minute sessions

Option 3 - Transform - 10 x 90 minute sessions

All of the Journey sessions are held in person in Central, Hong Kong or virtually via Zoom.


‘Within one year of starting coaching sessions with Natalie, I’ve completely transformed my life by creating an opportunity that I had been dreaming of to start a social enterprise and contribute meaningfully to the community around me.  Working with Natalie helped me learn to trust my own intuition and be comfortable with my bigger self.’

— Mary, Lawyer, Social Justice, Innovator

‘We got down to my core issues, from there I was able to grow fully into my executive role. Not to sound cliché, but I wouldn’t be where I am without those sessions. They were educational, soulful and therapeutic.’

— Tony, Executive Chef, Hospitality