- Supporting leaders transitioning into bigger roles and/or more responsibility
- Understanding the dynamics and energetics that support the healthy performance of teams 
- Cultivating work cultures that thrive on purpose, values, sustainability, transparency, connection and empathy
- Building capacity for more complexity, while avoiding burn-out
- Defining what we stand for and maintaining the energy to stand for it
- Leading from compassion, integrity and alive authenticity
- Learning to listen to your inner guidance system, understanding emotions and leveraging your strengths
- Doing impactful, creative, meaningful work that matters
- Maintaining your life force in a high-stress, complex, global environment 

The principles that underpin my work are integrity, self-sovereignty, compassion, trust, depth, connection and confidentiality.

Depending on where you’re at and what you need, I may work with:

- Systemic orientated approaches and constellations
- Deep self-inquiry
- Feedback, observation and intuition
- Breathing practices
- Mind/body meditations
- Leadership & Team Development practices
- Psychometric tools (MBTI, HBDI™, Hogan, Wealth Dynamics)


- Working in a high-performing, high-stress environment
- Running a business (your own or within a larger organisation)
- Leading people
- Eager to make an impact (for the people you work with, client & customers you serve and beyond)
- Interested in results and what you learn along the way
- Questioning the status quo
- Care about the people around you doing well
- Passionate about leading with integrity
- Willing to expand into your ‘edges’
- Driven by purpose and profit 
- Have a sense there’s more to life than meets the eye


For private clients, my core offering is The Journey sessions

A journey of self-discovery and transformation through one-to-one coaching, guidance and support.

If you’ve already completed one of the Journey session options you can also book a ‘Fine Tune Check-In’ session for when you need to work through a present leadership or personal challenge.

For corporate clients, I work one-to-one, and with teams, to co-create and facilitate in-depth, meaningful group sessions for the healthy and sustainable performance of leadership teams and broader organisational groups.


‘By being able to understand the situation and the individual, Natalie is able synthesise a complex set of issues to work out an approach or techniques to drive long term change based on who you are as a person. Her approach of encouraging me to really drive authenticity has been differentiated from other coaching experiences.’

— Mike, Managing Director, Investment Management

‘Natalie’s ability to truly understand the world of work and help you balance your own needs as an individual, creates a space for both inquiry and possibilities to emerge. It’s rare to find a coach with these qualities, who gently holds the complete picture of both life and work in a practical way.’

— Ria, Engagement Manager, Wellness Technology