• I help you navigate challenges, blockages and ruts, so you can not just survive, but thrive.

  • You might be pouring yourself into starting your own business. You might be facing off against corporate complexity driven to make an impact.

    Or maybe you’re feeling stuck and can’t quite put your finger on why.

    But the one thing you do know is that you’re committed to not just surviving, but thriving in life and work.

  • I believe potential is unlocked when you reconnect mind & body.


    I help you by focusing on both. I bring corporate sensibilities from the 11 years I spent working in the world’s biggest financial institutions and an appreciation for physical well being as a certified yoga and Ayurveda practitioner. It’s an unlikely combination, but it’s powerful. And I promise I won’t have you doing downward dogs or chanting (unless you want to of course).

    I believe in the power of deep questioning to help you find your way.


    I’ll ask you the questions you don’t ask yourself, exploring what’s at the root of your challenge, blockage or rut. Once we know that, the way forward becomes clearer. I support you in finding your own answers. You know the way, I just help you get there.

    I believe clarity can be achieved when you create the space for it.


    There’s nothing like a sea of emails, high stress levels and competing demands to create extreme low visibility. I help you commit to making the space you need for clear thoughts that lead to behaviours and mindsets that will help you thrive.

  • About

    About me and how I got here



    Originally from the UK, I've lived and worked in Asia for the past five years. I built a successful career in one of the world’s biggest financial institutions; helping leaders, teams and individuals grow, lead and excel. I loved it. I learnt my trade, travelled the world and was surrounded by super smart people.


    But after 11 years of living and working at a break neck pace I was burnt out. My body required attention and I no longer felt that I was learning the things I needed to learn. I was in a position where I simultaneously wanted less (stress, speed and churn) and more (learning, discovery and depth).


    That’s what prompted me to take a leap. I now bring my experience and qualifications as an organisational coach and facilitator to my coaching business, anchored by my beliefs in the mind/body connection, the power of deep questioning and the practice of creating space.


    Now, as cliché as it sounds, I work on the continued practice of achieving a balance that’s the best of both worlds. I’m able to build deep, long-standing relationships with people, helping them lead happier, healthier lives and businesses where they aren’t just surviving, but thriving.


    I regularly find myself outside of my comfort zone, always stepping into my own challenges and set-backs, but I appreciate it as it helps me grow. I'm a life long learner and committed to enhancing my own personal practice through regular coaching supervision and continued self development. I practice a daily Vipassana meditation and as an aspiring Chajin ('tea person'), I love learning about Cha Dao ('The way of tea' or tea ceremony) and what it can teach us.

    "We have to confront ourselves. Do we like what we see in the mirror? And, according to our light, according to our understanding, according to our courage, we will have to say yea or nay - and rise!" 


  • Coaching for Leaders

    Leadership & Executive Coaching

    The demands on leaders in business are ever increasing and I believe that conscious, human, inspiring leadership is needed now more than ever. I partner with leaders to help them reach their full potential, and that of the people they lead, in a way that is mentally, physically and emotionally sustainable. I understand the organisational systems in which leaders need to operate to be successful, and work with emerging, new and experienced leaders, and their teams, in corporate organisations (largely Asset Management, Investment Banking and Technology), SMEs and growing start-ups.


    For more details, to book an introduction meeting or discuss a proposal, please get in touch.

  • Coaching for Individuals

    Private Coaching

    We work together to understand what is truly important to you, to learn more about yourself, where you need space in your life to gain perspective, to explore patterns of thinking or behaviour that may be holding you back in your life, work or relationships. To help you lead, perform and live life without burning-out.


    For more details and to book a chemistry meeting continue below.


    "Natalie is an outstanding coach. She is intuitive and looks beneath the surface of an issue to help her client make connections and have revelations that are unexpected but useful. Natalie is pragmatic, warm and supportive. She is a brilliant coach who I would recommend to anyone" - Julie, Hong Kong

  • Book a chemistry meeting.

    For private coaching, we start with a 1 hour in-person or Skype chemistry meeting. You tell me what's

    going on for you and we delve into coaching. There is no on-going commitment.


    How much does it cost?

    It’s my hourly rate for the chemistry session. As much as I would love to do

    chemistry sessions for free, it’s not physically or financially viable.


    Central, Hong Kong
  • Programs, Workshops & Retreats

    Program Design & Facilitation

    I partner with leaders and HR heads to design and facilitate spacious workshops and programs including:

    • Coaching & Feedback
    • Leadership/Management Fundamentals
    • EQ / Social Intelligence
    • Energy Management
    • HIPO Emerging Leader Programs 
    • Customised Leadership Team Off-sites
    Email to talk more about your needs.

    PAUSE in Business

    Pause for Performance, and the Micro Pause series, are bespoke workshops, programs and retreats that provide leaders and teams with the space they need to slow down, breathe and time to think clearly and creatively about what's next.


    The Pause programs offer impactful and simple strategies for conscious leadership, sustainable performance, dealing with workplace stress, and supporting leaders and teams to create healthy, inspiring working environments.


    Email to talk more about a Pause for your leadership team or business.


    “The best part of our overall programme, Pause was raw, authentic, insightful.”


    Instant Pause One-day Public Workshop

    The Instant Pause, is a one day workshop that gives you time and space to think about you and your life.


    It's one day that makes a big impact.


    The next Instant Pause will be on 14 July 2018 in Hong Kong.  Email to reserve your place. 

    Pause Retreats in Asia

    Dedicated, longer space and time created for you to discover what's important, reconnect with yourself, recharge, reenergise and nourish your mind and body in inspiring spaces. Dates and locations to be announced for 2018 soon - watch this space.

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  • Resources

    Monthly LIVE Podcast for Business & HR Leaders

    Pause Podcasts LIVE

    Join us for a live conversation every month

    Today we are more aware of holistic, or integrated health, and yet our physical and mental health continues to be discussed seperately.

    Join the Pause Leadership team for an ongoing conversation about whole person wellbeing, where we explore the connection between both mind and body in workplace wellness.

    Once a month, throughout 2018, we will be sharing our thoughts, personal experiences and tips, as well as answering your questions, on this 30 minute Pause Podcast LIVE.


    It's free to join, click here to register your place.


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